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Who Are We?
   Located just 2.5 kms south of Circle Drive on Preston Ave., H.C.R.C.C. enjoys the wide open spaces of the "prairies", where a well maintained irrigated grass runway, as well as clubhouse facilities can be enjoyed by members and MAAC registered visitors. See map for further directions.

          The Hub City Radio Control Club is one of Sask's largest and most active aero-modeling groups and was established in 1971. With over 125 active members, the HCRCC hosts several of the best competition events in the region as well as several "Fun Fly's". If you are just considering the sport of R/C aircraft or are a seasoned flyer new to the area, HCRCC has alot to offer!!

          HCRCC club meetings are held on the 2nd Tues. of each month. May through August the monthly meetings are held in the clubhouse at the field at 8:00 pm. October through April they are held at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 639 Main St.,7:30 pm.

          Interested person are invited to visit our field where you are asked to stay behind the pit area. Club members are willing to answer any questions you may have, however, please wait until they are done flying. Our field location is 2.5 kms south from Preston & Circle Drive  (map).

          Most people are attracted to the sport of R/C aircraft after seeing one in flight. The most enjoyable part of the hobby to most of us is flying.There is a lot more to the sport of flying than "just flying." Pilots of these miniature aircraft can choose to build their own model from scratch or from kits, thereby learning useful skill such as woodworking and finishing as well as using small hand tools and adhesives. Small but powerful alcohol-fuelled engines are available to power the model. Operating or modifying these engines can present a whole new challenge to be mastered.

        You can use powerful electric motors, or use thermals and soar with a glider. If you want a real challenge, you might even want to try an R/C helicopter.

        Whatever part of the sport excites you there is plenty to enjoy and lots to learn. This is the type of sport/hobby that is recommended for teenagers by many educational professionals, as it offers a wholesome method to learn new things while having fun.

        The HCRCC can make learning to fly your model a much more positive and enjoyable experience. Skilled builders and instructors can make sure that your aircraft is in air worthy condition, and can even test fly it. Instructors are available at no cost to you. (you will need to join our club to fly.) All members are required to join M.A.A.C., which provides protection for you and the club in the event of a mishap.

        Most new modellers will need assistance in learning to fly an R/C model aircraft.After a few hours of instruction (for the typical novice) you will be allowed to fly "solo", guiding your new pride and joy around the big Saskatchewan sky.

        Competition exists on both local and national levels for various types of miniature aircraft. Most active types of competition in our area include:

Racing                Precision Aerobatics              Scale Miniatures               Free Flight

              "Fun-Fly" (informal sport competition)                                      Helicopters

         The Hub City Radio Control Club also hosts public displays and flight demonstrations each year. These are usually announced in the local press, or the local hobby shops can usually give you the dates for the events. ( or just click on upcoming events)

          Hub City Radio Control Club's field offers modellers one of the best flying sites in the region. A large turf runway, pit area, large grass over fly area, picnic tables and Club house all add to the enjoyment of the hobby.

        The public are welcome to come out and watch the activities.


        1) What do they cost?
This can vary a great deal depending on the size,complexity and degree of fabrication desired. A good trainer, complete with engine,radio and accessories can be assembled for as little as $600. The motor and radio can be transferred to other models later. Helicopters..approximately $1200

        2) How far and how high can they go?
    With today's radios, the normal limiting factor is how far away you can retain sight of your model.

        3) How fast are they?
      Again this varies considerably from model to model. Racing models & jet aircraft can fly at speeds over 350 km/p/hr. Most trainers fly at a speed below 80 km/p/hr. while sport models fit anywhere in between. Faster models make poor trainers.Recommended trainers are the Eagle II, Lt. 40  or Kadet Mk II model with .40 cu.in.engine and a four channel radio.

        4) What happens when the engine quits?
     Like full size aircraft,models are capable of retaining full control without power. You simply glide back to a landing.

        5) Is it hard to learn to fly one?
      Not really. As long as you choose the proper type of model and have an experienced instructor to help on the first flights. You will have to learn many new skills to fly your model, and it will take some patience.

        6) Can I buy one already built?
    Yes, and the selection gets better every year. The local hobby shops can bring you up to date on their selection.

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Disclaimer: This is typically the area where the editor explains that he tries to do no harm to anyone or persons and if has done so, please notify the editor (web master) immediately so as they can rectify the problem.


The purpose of this web page is:
        1)  enable the surrounding district +/of Saskatoon to become aware of the HCRCC in who they are,where they are and what they do.
        2)  enable fellow fliers to find useful tips + charts in one area on the net thus to enhance fliers ability/enjoyment.
If there are any comments that you may wish to say, or questions that may want to ask about, please do not hesitate to mail to:    Webmaster

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